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  • Bubblepack
  • Bubblepack is a piece of very thin film with bubbles filled by air.  The bubblepack are used for packaging protection from shocking, tumbling, crashing, preserve temperature, heat resistance and moving relojes rolex imitacion around for nearly all sorts of products.  Irregular sizes and shapes, bags or sheets etc are flexible according to requirement. Sizes of bubblepack are varies from mini to large. Other advantages include antistatic and environmental protection especially recommended for electronic items.


    Bubblepack is in single ply (SP) and double ply (DP). Bubblepack are ball shapes formed individually with air. SP is thinner whereas DP is thicker in sandwich shape with stronger protection.

    Different sizes of bubblepack contain various volume of air.  Bigger sizes have more air with stronger protection for heavy loading.  Small sizes with less air are for lighter packaging that easier for storage.  Mini size are specially dedicated for very tiny products.

    Thin Ply (TP) bubblepack is suitable for parcel or replique panerai samples packing, The weight of TP is so light that could save the mailing cost. 

    Bubblepack can be laminated with other packaging material such as aluminum foil for anti-dust.


    ~ Prevent vibration, crash, moist & dust, heat-resistance.

    ~ Protect surface from scratching.

    ~ Provide various colour and tailor-made size .

    ~ Formation can be in bags, sheets, rolls replica orologi italia or padded envelopes and / or with different lamination.

    ~ Provide various color printing.

    ~ Provide other materials such rolex kopia  as environmental protection, anti-static, and ESD (Electro-Static discharge) upon request.